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Saturday, November 11, 2006


our pc got a virus and thank God it's gone already.. with the help of my genius Johnnyboy.. hehehe. we went to SM yesterday to do our grocery shopping. after shopping, we stopped by an atm because jan and john needed to withdraw some money. i was just standing around and guarding our cart and the stroller where Joshua's bag was. i noticed a pregnant woman stand behind me.. an i was curious why but i did't mind i was just watching joshua play around ( his ate cecil was running after him) when i suddenly had the urge to turn around.. and when i did, i saw another girl standing behind me with her right arm outstretched towards the stroller.. i didn't mind her but after a while, i realized that my celfon was in Joshua's bag! and that she was probably reaching for the celfon and that the preggy lady was her accomplice!She was covering the other girl so she wouldn't be noticed by passers by! Oh my God! didn't realize these things right away..

tsk.. tsk.. buti na lang nakita ko.. kung hindi .. tatanga-tanga nanaman ako at wala nanaman akong celfon...


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