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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission. -Eleanor Roosevelt-

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Out of boredom... We went to sm north edsa today to buy joshua a study table (which can also be turned into an easel...) he's always leaning on the center table in the living room and it might break.. i'm sure it will last until he's in grade one.. hehe.. i hope..

when we got home, he was curious what we were assembling.. and when he saw the crayons that came with the thing, he already got the idea and started to doodle.. i found out that he can now make circles... actually they're more of spiral doodles.. hehe.. here are some pictures..
THis is a picture of the box.. hehe.. luray luray na..

doodle.. doodle..

o diba. ambidextrous... hehe..
yung left hand pang draw ng circle..
yung right para sa mga lines..

left handd ata si joshua...

doodle pa din..

...may kodigo sha para sa circle... hehe..

When we were driving home, John was already sleepy and he didn't feel well so we just went to our home and watched TV.. Joshua was also cooperative and just played with his toy cars when we were just resting.. after a while... when Dora was finished showing at ABC5 Joshua started to get bored so we went down again.. John cooked dinner and I ate my left over pizza from our lunch at sbarro.. haaay.. nakamit ko na sa wakas ang chicago deep dish pizza... hehehe...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

just another day...

we went to parañaque today for a check-up. everything's okay, so far... we left home early and we got to the hospital at around 9:30am.. john got a haircut after we went to the hospital and then we went home right away... we just wanted to rest..
before we went home we ate at a Chinese restaurant along Banawe St... hap changs.. the food was okay.. but the price didn't seem right.. hehe..
after having lunch we went home na talaga.. i took a nap iie Joshua's playpen while he was watching 'Cars'... when i woke up.. we played in the sala.. i didn't let him out in th garage anymore cause i wasn't up for it.. hehe.. poor joshua.. tamad ng mommy...
Joshua is aleady sleeping now.. ang aga kasi naman ang ikli ng nap niya sa car kanina nung pauwi kami.. wawa naman...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another New Year!!!..boring..

Thankfully... we suvived Christmas and new year. We spent both Holidays in BF. We attended Mass and it was finished at around 10:30 pm. we drove around for a little more so Joshua could fall asleep.. he was already making alburuto so we had to make him sleep na..
When we got home.. we couldn't wait for Christmas Eve coz we were so excited to open our gifts.. hehe.. but we patiently waited.. we ate oche buena first and then opened our gifts.. hehe.. unfortunately, Joshua was still asleep so he got to open his presents in the morning.
I was able to meet up with nina ojn the 27th.. we just had coffee and talked about stuff.
It was lolo Bernie's 40 days celebration on the 31st so we had uncle Father come over for the Mass. It was held at 11am and lunch followed after..John wasn't able to attend because he had work.. We spent the day road tripping so I wouldn't get too tired looking after Joshua.. hehe.. style..
When new year came.. I wasn't really in the mood.. so I spent new year with Joshua.. inside the room.. sleeping.. hehe.. Joshua was so funny because eventhough the firecrackers were so noisy.. he still managed to fall back to sleep.. hehe..When the noise died down, i went out to greet everybody a happy new year and of course to eat..hehe.. John had work that morning so i stayed up until he went off to work. kuya efren dropped him off at work coz it would be hard to find a cab at that time..
We stayed at BF until yesterday.. we went home after dinnr coz we thought lola was going to be home late in the evening.. but we even passed by each other on the way home.. last night , ninna was still able to drop by and we chatted for a while.. She went home after because it was already late...
That's about it.. boring...