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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Yesterday was the most boring day I have had for a very long time. Time seemed to pass by so slowly... all I did was eat an eat ad eat and watch tv.. even watching tv was boring! o my! Even joshua seemed bored.. he slept at 8:30pm.. that was so early for him! anyway..when he fell asleep we went to our room right away and i watched tv to pass the time. Thank God I was able to watch House.. it wasn't boring at all and I was able to wait for my baby.. ( John) He had training in makati and his shift was 1-10pm.
When joshua woke up this morning it was only 6:30.. when it was 7am.. I gave him to Cecil ( our helper) so she can look after him for the meantime. I went down at around 8am and then I went with Joshua to the playground. He was't really enjoying himself. I guess, it's because he was already playing for a long time before we went out...
When we got home from the playground and i was preparing for breakfast, I heard Joshua crying and it turns out that it hurt when he i was kind of panicking coz he already had a history of UTI. We woke up Joh and we got him checked.. I will know the result on friday...

In the afternoon.. I accompanied jan to buy some dvds.. and we watched a movie when we got home...
that's about it for today.. no drama whatsoever..


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