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Saturday, November 18, 2006

new haircut!

Good news! Jef doesn't have a fever anymore! yey! ayun.. hehe

We went grocery shopping today.
We also gave Joshua a haircut! yahoo!!!!

He was so well-behaved while getting his hair cut!o ayan.. naninigas pa ahil nakikiliti siya sa razor.. hehehe..

shempre meron ding picture na kasama ako...
(may extra pa nga sa likod eh..)

Here is the finished product...

Tadaaah!!!! hehe!!!
My baby boy looked so cute and he also looked like his dad..

Mas okay sana yung mga pictures.. kaso nakalimutan ko dalihin yung video cam kaya fon cam na lang ang pinagtiyagaan ko.. haaay.. amnesia..


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