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Friday, February 02, 2007

walang magawa sa bahay...

Last monday.. when we got home from BF.. we.. John and me packed up Joshua's playpen.. we've decided that Joshua can now live without it.. hehe and that WE could live without it also.. hehe.. it made the living room look more of a living room again and there was more space but the toys were still all around.. but now we can lounge in the sofa again..

parang totoong bahay ulit..hehe...
The following pictures were taken when Joshua was taking a break form non-stop playing.. since he didn't have a playpen anymore.. most of the time he just sits on th floor.. but this time he thought of being more of a grown-up..

kaya nagpictorials nanaman kami.. hehe

This was the first photo.. beside Joshua's head is Pong.. a stuffed turtle that tita elle gave him.

I was telling him to take his pacifier out.. that's what he did..

at binalik nanaman ang chupchup niya